Joyce Mealey
Joyce Mealey

Launching a new venture is akin to embarking on a grand quest full of challenges, excitement, and the promise of triumph. At The Round Table, our esteemed partner and friend, Brando Garcia, along with his partner Zena Tarantino, have recently undertaken such a quest, spearheading the creation of “Revelry Plates & Potions,” a new, unique dining concept nestled in the heart of Pompano Beach.

The Round Table Connection: Quests and Partnerships

Our journey with Brando began in 2014 when TRT founder Jason Shaw began programming at three prominent hotspots in Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Revolution Live, Stache Drinking Den, and America’s Backyard. Together, we orchestrated major events with some of the world’s greatest artists that impacted our community and each other. Brando’s dedication and passion for creating memorable experiences prompted TRT to invite him to oversee and manage the launch of La Playa Dayclub, an oceanside day club located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale Beach, and we were thrilled to have him on board.

Revelry Plates & Potions: Crafting Nostalgia and Culinary Alchemy

Inspired by the cozy chaos of your eccentric aunt’s living room, Revelry Plates & Potions is not merely a quirky lounge with great food and drinks; it’s a haven of nostalgia, a celebration of nerd culture, and a testament to the power of unique experiences. Spanning 2,600 square feet, this establishment is the brainchild of owners Zena Tarantino and Brando Garcia, a duo with a history of fostering camaraderie and shared revelry.

A Revival of Conviviality: From Lake Worth Beach to Pompano Beach

Revelry Plates & Potions is a resurrection of the original bar of the same name that drew a cult following in Lake Worth Beach. However, the new space is three times larger, accommodating a full menu crafted by the talented chef Paul Pincus, formerly of Rivertail in Fort Lauderdale. It’s not just a lounge; it’s a cultural hub, offering burlesque shows, a boutique with secondhand clothing and handmade jewelry, and a nod to the indie-bohemian spirit of iconic bars like Churchill’s Pub and Tobacco Road.

A Quest for the Senses: Culinary Delights and Experimental Spirits

With his 20-year culinary journey, Chef Paul Pincus brings a wealth of experience and creativity. From the ZZ Burger featuring habanero whipped cream cheese and strawberry glaze to homemade hummus, Revelry’s menu promises a gastronomic adventure. The beer and wine selection and a “brew barter system” ensure that every visit is a unique experience. Our recommendations for appetizers are “The Hummus Amongus” and “Pretzel & Spice.” For dinner, we recommend the “Be Mahi Baby” and “If Looks Could Kale.” For drinks, our team lived the “Hibernal Solstice” and the “Serenity Now.”

Conclusion: The Round Table Celebrates Revelry

As Brando Garcia and Zena Tarantino unveil Revelry Plates & Potions, The Round Table rejoices in the success of one of our great partners. Like the Knights of the Round Table, we believe in the strength of partnerships, the magic of unique experiences, and the triumph of taking on a daring venture. Here’s to Revelry, Brando, and the spirit of conquest. May the tables of revelry continue to turn, bringing joy, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences to all.

We invite all seekers of unique experiences and culinary adventurers to embark on their quest for revelry by visiting Revelry Plates & Potions at 227 S. Federal Highway in Pompano Beach.  Oh, and then Apologize Tomorrow 🙂.

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