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From Underutilized to Award-Winning: An immersive pop-up activation turned nightlife trailblazer and brand mainstay.

Our long-term client and partner, PDKN Restaurant Group, enrolled The Round Table Group (TRT) to design, build, and manage a themed pop-up in an underperforming space. This second-floor rooftop lounge activation would be a complete cosmetic makeover of the current aesthetic, which was an extension of the beloved local restaurant brand established on the first floor of the building. While the downstairs space and brand were highly successful, the open-air second floor had been consistently challenging to activate. TRT intentionally designed the pop-up concept to serve as a reintroduction to the rooftop bar and trigger excitement for future iterations of the restaurant group’s core brands.

In addition to producing a captivating and immersive full-sensory experience, TRT set out to transform this underserving real estate into a high-performing, revenue-generating asset for our client. We strategically repurposed the venue to maximize its potential and refocus on dependable, consistent income from special events, ticketing, high-end food, and customized beverage offerings. After extensive market research and target demographic focus groups, we chose Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” as our themed focal point. The Hidden Garden Las Olas was born, and the concept allowed us to simultaneously tap into the nostalgia of our Millennial end user while speaking directly to the sense of adventure and discovery that captivates the emerging Gen-Z customer base.

Our approach combined the implementation of several Round Table keystone skill sets. From the initial concept, design, and build-out to the brand development, aesthetic, artwork, digital assets, production, launch, and ongoing brand management, this was a 360-degree endeavor. The Round Table championed this initiative in the truest sense of the word. With meticulous attention to detail, including menu and beverage design, decor, plating, line builds, contract negotiations, strategic partnerships, staffing and staff training, management protocols, and music programming to foster a specific ambiance, TRT led this process with deliberate intention. The calculated execution resulted in a highly profitable venture that resonated with the target market and transformed the space into a thriving business and top South Florida destination.

The incredible success of The Hidden Garden showcased TRT’s expertise in experiential marketing and immersive brand activations, demonstrating our ability to deliver results far beyond expectations by manufacturing impactful memories for our customers while bringing in substantial revenue for our clients. By leveraging dynamic events, captivating multi-media campaigns, and engaging promotional programs, TRT created an unforgettable experience that developed significant brand awareness, fostered customer loyalty, forged lasting connections, and allowed us to build an active community primed for concepts surrounding food, beverages, and nightlife. Thousands of people were drawn to The Hidden Garden, developing a true community of Alice in Wonderland enthusiasts and fans of the immersive experience.

The concept launched with incredible success, winning “Best New Bar & Lounge 2021,” attracting the target market and individuals seeking cultural activities and unique entertainment experiences. The Hidden Garden became a sought-after destination for its whimsical ambiance, immersive events, top-tier live entertainment, and memorable interactions with themed characters. So much so that our initial three-month activation became a two-year run that helped define nightlife in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Often imitated, never duplicated.