Joyce Mealey
Joyce Mealey

A Feast of Gratitude

As the aroma of pumpkin pie and roasted turkey fills the air, The Round Table Group takes a moment to reflect on Thanksgiving and acknowledge the tapestry of our unique journey together. Gather around as we share stories of thanks.

Expressions of Gratitude: Voices from The Round Table

Jason Shaw, Founder & CEO

“As Thanksgiving approaches and the spirit of the Holiday Season begins to surround us all, I want to share a moment of gratitude. I am grateful for my incredible team and the engaging projects we are privileged to work on together. I have profound gratitude for the opportunities in front of us and the many wonderful clients we have the pleasure of thinking with every day. I am grateful for the ability to make a small difference in people’s lives, our clients, our staff, our friends, and our families, all of whom play an integral role in who we are and how we contribute to the world around us. Last but certainly not least, I am truly blessed to work each day in a creative space with brilliant individuals who all share the unique passion and drive to build this business.”

Ariel Sharf, Digital Content Commander

“I am thankful for the power of design to transform spaces into immersive experiences, creating visual narratives that linger in the minds of our clients and guests.”

Kelly Lanes, Email Marketing Maestro

“Being a part of a growing team that takes marketing as seriously as I do warms my heart. It’s incredible being on the cutting edge of new technology and processes to make the best of our marketing efforts. Beyond grateful and blessed to be a part of the TRT team!”

Adam Blandino, Technology & Web Development

“Thank you all for the collaborative spirit, trust, support, diversity of projects, and endless possibilities. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing team at The Round Table.”

Joyce Mealey, Client Development

“I am thankful for the enriching experience at Round Table Group—working with inspiring clients, unleashing creativity, and collaborating seamlessly with our incredible team. As we step into 2024, I am grateful for the opportunity to continue this journey, where every moment is a testament to the passion and dedication we share.”

Nam Hangal, Marketing Coordinator

“I express gratitude for the team that has afforded me the opportunity to manifest my passion and capabilities to its utmost extent, devoid of any judgment. I am thankful to The Round Table that provides me exposure to various aspects of marketing and branding and enables me to learn something new every single day.”

Joelle Polisky, Media Maven

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with clients to learn about new and different cultures. I love sharing their stories with the media, allowing them to get featured in major news outlets and the ability to grow their audience.”

Nick Scolavino, National Touring & Events Coordinator

“I am thankful and find joy in the innovative approach of The Round Table, where marketing isn’t just about selling a product; it’s about crafting an authentic narrative that resonates.”

Hamid Msiky – Video Creator

“I am thankful for all the opportunities that have come my way—each project, every challenge, and the chance to continuously grow and contribute to our collective success.”

D. Joseph Photography –  Photographer

“I am thankful to The Round Table and the entire team for granting me the opportunity to visually showcase the unique stories of incredible artists, places, cultures, and individuals. Their support provides me with a platform for my creative expression, and I’m thankful for the creativity they allow me to bring these narratives to life.”

Mike, AKA MaloMedia – Graphic Designer

“I’m grateful for the ability to add my artistic contribution to a diverse set of creative projects and collaborate with a wonderful team.”

A Table Set with Gratitude: The Round Table’s Thanksgiving Feast

As Thanksgiving nears, The Round Table resonates with gratitude. Jason Shaw appreciates engaging projects and incredible clients, emphasizing our collective impact. Ariel Sharf transforms spaces through design, creating memorable experiences. Kelly Lanes values being part of a cutting-edge team, while Adam Blandino is thankful for our collaborative spirit. Joyce Mealey cherishes an enriching journey with inspiring clients, and Nam Hangal values a judgment-free environment. Joelle Polisky loves sharing clients’ stories, and Nick Scolavino finds joy in our innovative marketing. Hamid Msiky appreciates diverse opportunities, and Mike, AKA MaloMedia, adds his artistic touch. D. Joseph Photography is grateful for the platform to showcase unique stories. Together, we create a symphony of creativity and shared dedication at The Round Table.

Conclusion: A Toast to Thanksgiving Memories

As we raise our glasses to Thanksgiving, let these memories remind us of the warmth, creativity, and excellence that define The Round Table. May the echoes of our shared gratitude reverberate far beyond this festive season, creating joy and inspiration in the communities we touch. Happy Thanksgiving from The Round Table family to yours!

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