Joyce Mealey
Joyce Mealey

The South Asian community in the United States is a profound example of cultural diversity and dynamic societal contribution, playing a pivotal role across various sectors of American socioeconomic progress. The Round Table Group proudly supports these contributions, particularly during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the exciting context of the Cricket World Cup.

Demographics and Cultural Influence

The Indian American population, exceeding 4 million, is among the fastest-growing ethnic groups in the U.S. Cities like New York, Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Houston serve as cultural hubs where this community flourishes. Through celebrated festivals like Diwali and Holi, Indian Americans actively preserve and share their rich traditions. Numerous temples and cultural centers nationwide further facilitate community engagement and cultural continuity.

Economic Contributions and Educational Attainment

Indian Americans prominently influence sectors such as technology, medicine, engineering, and finance, significantly contributing through both professional achievements and entrepreneurial ventures. With a strong presence in places like Silicon Valley, they drive innovation and economic growth. The community’s emphasis on education leads to high levels of academic attainment, correlating with financial prosperity and influential societal positions.

The Round Table Group’s Role

Since 2017, The Round Table Group has actively promoted and supported the Indian community’s cultural heritage through our strategic partnership with Kash Patel Productions. This collaboration has allowed us to deliver culturally resonant entertainment across the U.S., enriching the cultural landscape and educating diverse audiences about India’s rich cultural offerings.

In 2024, we expanded our outreach by partnering with Sanskar Savvy, a leading online platform that engages over 250,000 Gen Z and Millennial Indians in America. The platform’s mission, “Celebrate, Explore, Connect,” champions the youthful energy and aspirations of the Indian diaspora, aiming to deepen their cultural roots while fostering an American identity.

Celebrating the Cricket World Cup

This year is a historical moment, as it is the first time a World Cup of Cricket will occur in the United States. With the ICC T20 World Cup on the horizon, our team eagerly anticipates hosting a significant concert event at Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. This event will mark the culmination of the World Cup games in the United States, accompanied by cultural activations in Dallas-Fort Worth and New York City, showcasing the community’s enthusiasm and cultural richness.

Media and Entertainment

In media and entertainment, Indian Americans are carving significant inroads, contributing as actors, directors, musicians, and writers. The Round Table Group and Kash Patel Productions support this sector by hosting and bringing awareness to legendary singers and composers, expanding into film and cultural initiatives this year. We also spotlight comedians and actors, enriching the nation’s cultural discourse and entertainment landscape.

Furthering Our Impact on American Culture

The Round Table Group remains deeply committed to supporting the South Asian community’s heritage and contributions. We continue facilitating events that celebrate, educate, and connect diverse audiences within Indian culture. Through ongoing partnerships and community involvement, we strive to enhance our impact and foster a greater appreciation and understanding of this dynamic community’s role in enriching American society.

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